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... 10 minutes later we were in the sauna... paid, they taught us everything and towels. 15 minutes later I pulled the clothes in the closet and a private room... I said to stand on a massage table face down... He then began to caress and gently rub my naked body, leaving the legs and kissed her ass. There was something on the page is about me and told me to yantasy kneel. Farewell to his knees, put his hand on my stomach, between my legs, pulled my dick with one hand and pulling on my balls from behind with the other. I felt like I was being milked... It was a real change, as I said at the time steadily to a climax left me, as once more pull and was looking at me. He leaned over me and took my cock into her mouth like a hand caressing my balls and the other twisted complete my nipples. I loved them all, but I could not... He sucked and I told him I wanted to finish... came out and gently yantasy stroked my cock, which throbbed and shook his. I asked my touch leathers that are discussed in the train and told him that I had bought. He asked to see some, so I went back into the locker room back through my hard standing proud in the towel and took it. I closed the door, dropped the towel and went into the black leather harness and high boots. He knelt before yantasy me, then broke that are compressed, as he kissed and caressed my thighs and balls. Before I have to tape in hard cock, black leather and studs, but could not keep their hands to me and began to shake and the power of my semi - hard penis in her throat and was trying all the time to get my eggs before I was completely rigid. It was the leather shift knob, said.... now he wanted only to yantasy serve me... than his master. As soon as I knew that allow other uses to be decided for him.... how it made me even more... with him as my cock slave and cum.... I opened the door, leaned on the table and told him that I suck. Within minutes a tHere are 3 or 4 guys were seen as an idiot at the door and sucked the cum slave master. Never thought when I yantasy got on the train this evening, I was at the end dressed in fetish leather, adored by a slave cock and felt a lot of lovers of semen. If you are interested - message me... check my profile also... I am now based nr Mcr airport.
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